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Al Rais Omar Harb

Egypt, 2008,120 MIN, Feature
Starring: Sumai Al Khashab, Hani Salamh, Khalid Saleh
Directed by: Khalid Youssef
Language: Arabic

Egyptian thriller which seeks to convince that the world of gambling is but a microcosm of, well, the cosmos.

Without any doubt, The film inspired from one of the most famous well known novels of Oscar Wilde “the Picture of Dorian Gray”, Khaled (the young handsome) dealer of course represents Gray’s Character, however the treatment is very realistic, Omar Harb character “the Casino Director” represents half devil and half the political power, controls everybody when nobody can control him, when we talk about gambling, therefore we are from the very beginning talking about (Illicit “Haram”), the movie plays on humanitarian greeds, real desires and lust and both are real.

Tue 25\11 7:00 P.M