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At Night

Jordan, 2008, 28 MIN, Documentary
Directed by: Sawsan Darwaza
Language: Arabic

Night Girls we see them on the streets at the corners at clubs.
They move in their proffesion in disguise.
Night men in cars in hats and behind closed doors unfolds the robes of this disguise.
The film unfolds the veils the unspoken and the taboo of the oldest female proffesion in the history of mankind.
Eve had always been the cause of the unhappiness of the humanity sice the Apple of Adam causing everlasting punishment on earth.
In our part of the planet the woman is the first to get blamed whether she is the sex worker or the mother or the wife who lost her husband to another women a mistress.

The film follows the stories of women who were swallowed by this profession.

Sat 15\11 5:00 P.M