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To my Father

Palestine, 2008
Directed by: Abdel Salam Shehadeh
Language: Arabic

The film shows, the Time being brought by the hand of light, for the story to peek on us, as it (the film) runs from scene to scene, till it turns into Sea with an ancient shore full of sand and memories. We get deceived by the Sea till it burst out of tears, joy, birds, wounds, songs and many things that can not be described nor counted unless in a fresh memory as dew.

Photo here is not just a photo. It is the life that moves toward life, and as the director say, " the prettiest part of the photo is that it does not get older when we do". Then he closes his box and leaves. Leaving us with boys' laughs and their hoping eyes looking silently at a wide space where they can not find their own space in it yet

Fri 21\11 9:00 P.M