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A Circus in the Holy/Encircled Land

Belgium, 2007
53 MIN
Directed by: Dominique Rombaut

A Circus in the Holy/Encircled Land* tells the story of a dream, the history of a project, the project of a circus school in Palestine, the school of the hope, the hope of one day living in freedom and peace. We follow a team of PAC (Presence Action Culturelles) on a mission in Palestine, to meet the people and become aware of their daily life. The life conditions, most of the time unacceptable, illustrate the context in which this circus develops. Through images, testimonies and a state of the art of an occupied land, the film proves how important, even vital, it is to create and develop cultural and artistic programs, there where the fight for the survival of dignity is a constant need.

Fri 14\11 8:00 P.M