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From Aleppo to hollywood

Qatar, 2007, 80 MIN, Documantary
Directed by: Mohammed Belhaj
Language: Arabic

Combining exclusive footage reconstructed scenes and illustrative location shots the film retraces th einspiring story of the World- renowed film producer and director Mustapha Akkad who was tragically killed along with his dougther Rima.

In the 2005 bombings in Amman, Jordan Akkad was best known for producing the horror film series „ Halloween” but his international reputation was established early on by his two most successful feature films The Message and Omar Mukhtar Lion of the desert both starring Anthony Quinn shot in Syria, Lebanon, UK, and USA it is more than a but a rich story revealing insight into a fascinating personality who lived at the crossroads of the East and West and attempted to bridge these Worlds.

Wed 19\11 5:00 P.M