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France, Algeria 2008,93 MIN, Feature
Starring: Rabah Ameur-Zaimeche, Salim Ameur-Zaimeche, Abel Jafri
Directed by: Rabah Ameeur Zaimeche
Language: Algerian

On the outskirts of Paris, Algerian and French cultures clash in a bleak industrial zone, where stacks of pallets are prepared and trucks are fixed by hard-working Muslim immigrants. Factory owner Mao runs a tight ship; a strict employer, he manages to keep his workers on side by building a mosque on the premises, emphasising the connection between labour and devotion. But when he appoints an Imam - a mosque leader - without consulting the workers, the tensions created weaken Mao's grandiose designs and threaten to put an end to his exploitation.

Tue 18\11 5:00 P.M
Wed 19\11 7:00 P.M
Sun 23\11 9:00 P.M