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Medsecreen Program

Sunday 12-11-2006, 3-5pm
A.M.Qattan Foundation - Ramallah

Aude Erenberk
Introduction in Medsecreen Program
by: Aude Erenberk
Operationnal Co-ordinator of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership for EUROPA CINEMAS
Medsecreen Program

Medsecreen Program:

Support Programme for the Promotion of Films from the Arab Countries and Territories of the MEDA Region (2006-2008) Within the framework of the Euromed Audiovisual Program of the European Union, the Med-Screen project aims to promote the cinema of the 8 Arab countries of the MEDA Region. The objective is to make these works more visible in the partner countries, and to increase their chances of being marketed. Med-Screen proposes the following actions:

  1. Organizing “Arab Film Weeks” in movie theatres throughout the MEDA region, or in Europe, preferably in partnership with festivals or organizations.
  2. Giving Arab films’ right-holders the chance to be present in the main film markets in order to increase their chances of being purchased and commercially released.
  3. Giving Arab films’ DVD producers the means for better publicity, namely by buying more advertisement space and increasing the number of languages available on DVDs to make them accessible to a larger public.
  4. Creating and distributing the “Making of” of Arab films in two formats: A short version to act as film promotion on the Internet, and a long version to be proposed to DVD producers as a bonus feature for the DVD release for the film.
  5. Creating a website on Arab cinema, which will serve as a tool for professionals in the field.

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