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AL-KASABA Theatre and Cinematheque-The Portuguese Film Week – 2007

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The Portuguese Film Week – 2007


A Costa dos Murmúrios
Portugal, 2004
120 MIN
Drama, Adaptation
English Subtitle
Directed by: Margarida Cardoso
Won- Special Mention- Mannheim-Heidelberg International Filmfestival- 2004

Evita looks back on the history of which she had been part, and corrects. At the end of the 60th, Evita arrives in the Portuguese colony of Mozambique to Marry Luis, a mathematics student doing his military service there. Evita soon realizes that Luis has changed, and in the turmoil of the war he has transformed himself into a pale imitation of his commanding officer. The Men leave on a major military offensive. Evita is left alone and desperate to understand what has changed Luis.

O Milagre segundo Salome
Portugal, 2004
97 MIN
Drama, Adaptation
English Subtitle
Directed by: Mario Barroso (II)

Set in 1917 Portugal, Salome a country girl, is one of many Woman that entertain gentelmen. She is introduced to a wealthl man who has invite her to his high society.
But her past will not let her rest and Saome who thought this would be the start of a new life, will after all believe that this is not the truth.

Portugal, 1998
112 MIN
English Subtitle
Directed by: João Botelho
Nominated- Golden Lion- Venice Film Festival- 1998

A selection of stories all centered on the topic of money - and the various ways it affects people for better or worse. A tangled tale about how the old and really rich people have fun, how the new and false rich people encounter difficulties and how everything ends well.

A Carta
Portugal, 1999
107 MIN
English Subtitle
Directed by: Manoel de Oliveira
Won Jury Prize- Cannes Film Festival- 1999

A well-bred, lovely, spiritual, sad young woman marries an attentive physician who loves her. She feels affection but no love. Soon after, without design, she falls in love with Pedro Abrunhosa, a poet and performance artist. He also loves her. She keeps her distance froom him, confessing her love to a friend who is a nun and, later, to her husband. Hunger for her love and jealousy consume him; she attends him as he wastes away. With his death, she can marry and express her passion, but what she does and how she explains herself, particularly to her cloistered friend, is at the heart of the film.

Portugal, 2001
100 MIN
English Subtitle
Directed by: Raquel Freire

Edgar, a mysterious young man, arrives at the prestigious, meritocratic University of Coimbra while the students are protesting against an increase in university fees. He wants to go back to his law studies and is looking for a job to make ends meet. During a typical rasganco ceremony, Edgar meets Ana Rita, a middle-class student, and seduces her. Ana is not his only lover. The rigidly elite university context and a distorted reading of his law texts lead Edgar to perform symbolic and violent acts against young female students.

Tarde Demais
Portugal, 2000
95 MIN
English Subtitle
Directed by: José Nascimento

it's a straight, touching, tragic, true story about a group of portuguese fishermen who get caught in the middle of a storm in the Tejo river (Lisbon).
Their boat wrecks and, despite the bad-luck, they are close to land and they can see their way through. But things are not as easy as they seem.

Quem Es Tu?
Portugal, 2001
112 MIN
Drama, Adaptation
English Subtitle
Direted by: João Botelho
Won Mimmo Rotella Foundation Award- Venice Film Festival- 2001

Aged 13, Maria Noronha, daughter of Madalena de Vilhena and of Manuel de Sousa Coutinho, is an extremely pale and fragile girl, sick with high fevers and violent hemoptyses provoked by merciless tuberculosis. In order to alleviate her suffering, she gathers poppies from her garden, always carries them in her arms, and at night lays them on the pillows on her bed. But the poppies have a devastating effect. Her deep sleep is disturbed by terrible ghosts and hallucinations.


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