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AL-KASABA Theatre and Cinematheque- Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque launches the 2012-2014 Strategic Plan:

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Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque launches the 2012-2014 Strategic Plan:

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Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque launches the 2012-2014 Strategic Plan:

Under the patronage of His Excellency the Prime Minister Dr. Salam Fayyad, Al Al Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque launched its 2012 – 2014 Strategic Plan, the event was held at the Red Crescent headquarters / Al-Bireh .

The event was attended by her Excellency the Minister of Culture Siham Al-Barghouthi, Al-Kasaba Board of Directors, staff as well as representatives from donor organizations, international NGO’s, cultural centers and Private Sector organizations.

Ashraf AL-Ajrami welcomes the invitees
Mr. Ashraf AL Ajrami , Chairman of the Board of Directors welcomed the invitees, as he pointed out that the evolvement of Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque throughout 11 years and its significant contribution in creating an enlightining  Palestinian culture  gathers nationalism and humanity .

“Al-Kasaba Contributes in exposing the Palestinian Community to new things”
Al-Ajrami pointed out the “Al-Kasaba Contributes in exposing the Palestinian Community to new experiences,  in terms of creativity at the Arab World and across the continents , moreover it became like an ambassador to Palestine through exchanging  its own culture and artistic creativity  with  countries all over the world “.

Amjad Batta presents Al-Kasaba Accomplishments
On the other hand, Al-Kasaba Financial and Administrative Manager Amjad Batta presented Al-Kasaba’s accomplishments throughout 11 years as he highlighted the production of 90 children shows, 13 theatrical shows which was presented 295 times and attended by 45 thousand. He added “Al-Kasaba hosted 240 shows which were attended by approximately 40 thousand. With regards to cinema, Amjad stated that Al-Kasaba presented 9 thousand cinema shows and organized 35 cinema weeks. Amjad extended his gratitude to all donors from governmental and private sectors as well as funding organizations, and pointed out their role in the evolvement and advancement of Al-Kasaba and Culture in Palestine.
Firas Zaghal from Dimensions Company presented the Strategic Plan which was prepared in accordance with professional standards,  conducted polls, scientific studies, and focused groups as well as meetings with the staff and Board of Directors.

Discussion of the Strategic plan and proposed thoughts
The Strategic Plan was presented and discussed by the invitees; questions were asked and responded to.
The ceremony also included the presentation of a short documentary highlighting Al-Kasba accomplishments and activities throughout 11 years.




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