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Women Pioneers Film Festival – 2006

Supported by Dan Church Aid and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Every year, Al Kasaba Theatre & Cinematheque suggests additional and new cinematographic events – from daily film screenings to Film Weeks or Cinema Festivals etc.  We are proud about these achievements, but still deplore the lack of active and innovative participation from official cinematographic organizations.

Al Kasaba Theatre & Cinematheque has become an important cultural reference in Palestine; considering the harsh political and economical situation, it hasn't always been easy to continue programming daily film screenings and cultural events. Our theatre plays were not only performed in Ramallah, but also in Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps throughout the West Bank, aside from our participation in international Theatre Festivals.  

Today we welcome you all and invite you to attend our Women Pioneers Film Festival that coincides with the celebration of both the international Women's Day and Mother's Day: may it be a bouquet of flowers to all Palestinian women!

Through the festival, we encourage you to discover different women pioneers figures that were involved in the enrichment of the Arabic culture - women from Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

The Women Pioneers Festival would not have come about without the contribution of local and international organizations. We express our gratitude to DanChurchAid and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung for their donations. In addition, we thank the Ministry of Higher Education, the Palestinian Project for Audio-Visual of A. M. Qattan Foundation, the General Union of Palestinan Women, An-Najah National University, Madar Consults and Media, the International Centre of Bethlehem - Dar An-Nadwa and Al Kasaba Theatre & Cinema – Jerusalem for their supporting collaboration.

Our very special thank to Misr International Films without whose support we could not have organized this festival.

Finally, we welcome you all warmly and hope you will benefit and enjoy the film.

Later The word of the minister of Culture Mr. Yahia Yuhluf and The Director of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung- Ramallah Mr. Thomas Birringer.

The Legend of Rose Al-Youssef

Directed by: Mohamed Kamel El-Kalioubi

Women Who Loved Cinema

Directed by: Marianne Khoury

Woman is Courage

Directed by: Amine Rachedi

Rai Story: from Cheikha Rimitti to Cheba Djenet

Directed by: Madeleine Verschaffelt

Lady of the Palace

Directed by: Samir Habchi

When a Woman Sings

Directed by: Mustapha Hasnaoui

Land of Women

Directed by: Jean Chamoun

Sheikhates Blues

Directed by: Ali Essafi

Women's Chitchat

Directed by: Hala Galal

Fama … a heroine without glory

Directed by: Dalila Ennader

Seekers of Oblivion

Directed by: Raja Amari

The Palestinian Films

Fadwa “The Story of Palestinian Poetess”
Directed by: Liana Bader

Women in Struggle
Directed by: Buthina Khoury

90 Days in Palestine
Directed by: Georgina Asfour


The Image of Woman in the Palestinian Culture
Moderator: Yaser Shalabi
Speakers: George Khulifa, Vera Tamari, Iman On
Saturday 11\3\2006, 5:00 at Al Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque- Ramallah.

Legislative members between reality and ambition, in light of the results of the Legislative Council elections.
Moderator: Majdi Al Malki
Speakers: Mariam Saleh, Najah Abu Baker, Hanan Ashrawi, Khalida Jarar
Monday, 20\3\2006, 5:00 at Al Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque- Ramallah.


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