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AL-KASABA Theatre and Cinematheque-Regulate the watches 2001

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Regulate the watches 2001


The play talks about the last moments of a waiting story that lasted for twenty years. A single middle aged woman from a simple family that lives in a refugee camp is preparing herself to welcome the man who was supposed to come and ask for her hand in marriage 20 years ago. That day she waited for him all night but he didn’t show up…and now, here he arrives after 20 years of waiting to ask for her hand at 9:00 exactly. All the people around her are waiting for the fiancé to be; her father, her uncle and the neighbors of course…

each one of them is trying to participate in the preparations for the event with an enthusiasm that tops that of the others. All except for the helpful boy whose only concern is his dear dog that shares his solitude, and the pregnant sister, who does not see in this occasion any thing more than a chance to boast about the social success she thinks she achieved when she left the camp to live with her husband in an elegant neighborhood…one of those neighborhoods that are growing awkwardly around the big cities…

But…as the time passes everyone realizes that all of them, waiting for the finacé, who may come and may not, are not concerned about their unmarried daughter’s happiness, they expect that his return is a chance for them to compensate for the past, and maybe a chance to actualize dreams that have been suspended for long…
The question here is: What if the fiancé doesn’t come?!

Designed & Directed by:         Najib Ghallale
Cast (in alphabetical order)  Georgina Asfour
Husam Abu Eisheh
Ibrahim Oleiwat
Imad Farragin
Kamel Al Basha
Khalifa Natour
Mahmoud Awad
Manal Awad

Music :    Jamil Al  Sayyih
Movement:  Nizar Zou’bi
Light : Muaz Jubeh
Assistant Director : Yousef Bargouti
Sound: Dia’a Jubeh
Stage Manager:  Ra’ed Isied
Technician:  Fadi Micheal


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