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Al- Kasaba International Film Festival 2006

 From Ramallah to the World, without Checkpoints
Supported by Anna Lindh Foundation

Al Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque in Ramallah will host the First Al- Kasaba International Film Festival between 9 and 21 November 2006. Highlights include the following:

Panorama: 20 recently produced films will be screened- from Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, Iraq, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal.

Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2006: The Palestinian film Paradise Now, ( Al Jana Alaan), by Hani Abu Assad, has earned the honor of being an Oscar Candidate for best foreign- language film. The festival will screen all Oscar-nominated foreign films to allow Palestinians audiences to view them Palestinian Revolution Cinema: the Festival will pay tribute to a group of Palestinians and other Arab filmmakers who made significant contributions to varies categories of Palestinian Revolution Cinema and will screen a group of films produced during that period.

Lars Von Trier: The festival will introduce the films of Danish director Lars Von Trier who is known for his Dogma 95 movement. A number of his films will be screened.

Youssef Chahine: The festival will honor the Egyptian director Youssef Chahine through screening a group of his films the represent various stages of his cinematographic journey.

The Festival will be the platform for a discussion session about the book “ Palestine in the Cinema”, and a meeting with the Lebanese director Jocelyne Saab will be held, in addition to Ms. Aude Erenberk, from Europe Cinema and the Medscreen Program, who has been invited to organize a workshop.

In order to introduce Palestinian cinema to the world and to enhance the potential for cultural dialogue and exchange through the screening of Palestinians films in Beirut, Amman, Berlin, and Paris, Al- Kasaba cooperates with Aljena center ( Lebanon), Royal Commission ( Jordan), the Goethe Institute ( Germany), and Cinema L`Aalante ( France).

For more information please visit the Festival Website


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