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European Film Festival - 2004


At the time when the Apartheid Isolation wall is surrounding our cities, villages and camps, and at the time when our lands are being slaughtered … our houses are being demolished … our sons are being arrested … and our children are being killed.

At the time in which our humanity is being humiliated … At this particular time we open the horizons of knowledge, dialogue and cultural exchange with the world.

During the past four years, Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque have managed to create a cultural- artistic atmosphere in the Palestinian society. Our audience was able to attend most of the local works and many of the International works such as theatre ( Drama ) music, singing, dancing and cinema . ( 64539 ) Spectators attended the theatre and Cinematheque during the year 2003, ( 56496 ) of them attended cinema performances.

Al-Kasaba has become an important cultural landmark in Palestine, in addition to being an ambassador to the Palestinian Theatre through its participations with the play “ Stories under Occupation “, in several international and Arabic festivals where it won important prizes. These participations introduced the Palestinian cause to may people in the world in general and to the Palestinian Theatre in particular.

Moreover, during the last four years we directed our attention to the Palestinian villages, cities and camps in order to the Palestinian villages, cities and camps in order to perform plays for children. Starting from Beit Noba in Hebron … passing through Asera El- Shamalya in Nablus …. Jenin Camp … Jericho … Bethlehem …. Kofor Nemeh in Ramallah and ending in Jerusalem.

Welcome in Palestine … welcome in the European Film Festival, organized by Al- Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque after a diligent work of four years in this field. After we have organized the Palestinian Film Week, Immigrants in European Cinema Festival, the French, German, Spanish, Turkish
and Moroccan Film Weeks, Woman and Cinema Film Week and the Arabic-French productions Film Week. After all these experiences … we are stepping forward through organizing the European Film Festival.

Through this cultural, artistic and international event, we give our Palestinian audience the opportunity to attend 28 films from Germany, The Netherlands, Britain, Belgium, Greece, Austria and Finland, in addition to Lebanon and Palestine.

It prepares the ground for us to posses the knowledge of the most important films produced by the European Cinema.

In this Festival, which includes three axes, we give you the chance to attend films that won may prizes, it also prepares the ground for dialogue. The Festival presents Sixteen- feature films, nine documentary and feature films produced by ARTE France, in addition to three Arab- European joint production movies.

In this Festival we look forward to the meeting of cinema experts
And Palestinian academics to discuss an important issue, which is
“The Arab- European joint production “  and its contribution to the development of the Palestinian and Arabic cinema.  In addition to its effect on the independency of artists.

Furthermore, this artistic event calls for breaking occupation barriers conveying a message if you build the Wall … If you be besiege the cities … you wont prevent us from welcoming the world inside a hall that has the capacity for only three hundred people.

Finally , as Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque is organizing this festival it expresses its gratitude to every one who contributed in attcheiving  this dream. Thanks for the European Union, Europa Cinemas, Consulate General of Belgium, Consulate General of Greece, Consulate General of France, Netherlands Representative Office, Austrian Representative Office, Finland Representative Office, Geothe Institute, French Cultural Center, British Council, Austrian Cultural Forum, and ARTE France. We also thank all the companies and media institutions and volunteers.

All these combined efforts made this dream come true.

At last … don’t miss the chance to attend these films and take part in arguments and discussions.

European Films

011 Beograd – Austria
Directed by: Michael Pfeifenberger

Les Convoyeurs Attendent – Belgium
Directed by: Benoit Mariage

Afterlife - UK
Directed by: Alison Peebles

Eila - Finland
Directed by: Jarmo Lampela

The Man on the Train – France
Directed by: Patrice Leconte

Kirikou and the Sorceress – France
Directed by: Michel Ocelot

Vaya Con Dios – Germany
Directed by: Zoltan Spirandelli

After Five in the Forest Primeval – Germany
Directed by: Hans-Christian Schmid

Train Birds – Germany
Directed by: Peter Lichtefeld

Sun Alley – Germany
Directed by: Leander Haubmann

Run Lola Run – Germany
Directed by: Tom Tykwer

Soccer Rules – Germany
Directed by: Tomy Wigand

Vassiliki – Greece
Directed by: Vangelis Serdaris

Zus & Zo – Netherlands
Directed by: Paula van der Oest

Mariken – Netherlands
Directed by: Andre van Duren

The Cave – Netherlands
Directed by: Martin Koolhoven

ARTE Films

Human Resources
Directed by: Laurent Cantet

Zaman, L'homme des Roseaux
Directed by: Amer Alwan

La Musique de L'Islam
Directed by: Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud

Operation Lune
Directed by: William Karel

Les Hommes de la Maison Blanche
Directed by: William Karel

Treize Journees dans la vie de Pablo Picasso
Directed by: Pierre-Andre Boutang, Pierre Philippe, Pierre Daix

Les Chemins de L'Oued
Directed by: Gael Morel

Ravi Shankar, entre deux Mondes
Directed by: Mark Kidel

Etre et Avoir
Directed by: Nicolas Philibert

      Arab-European Joint Productions

Divine Intervention – Palestine
Directed by: Elia Suleiman

The Kite – Lebanon
Directed by: Randa Chahal Sabagh

In the Shadows of the City – Lebanon
Directed by: Jean Khalil Chamoun


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