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Immigrants in European Cinema Film Festival - 2002

A spot On Critical Affair

To The Spirit of Hussein Barghouthi

European countries have witnessed an increasing interest in the issue of immigrants during the past few year’s, stories about different lobbies and political parties asking to limit this phenomenon and to prohibit immigration are now heard so often. In Palestine, on the other hand, the case of the Palestinian refugees is considered one of the most important points of disagreement in the Arab Israeli conflict, and it is still an insoluble controversy.
Al Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque intends to present through the “ Immigrants in European Cinema Festival “ an outlet to the Palestinian audience where it introduces them to the problems and conflicts the immigrants face in the Diaspora, especially in Europe. It also intends to encourage discussions over this issue through displaying a chosen selection of European films that tackles this issue in the festival.

The festival will open with the Palestinian film “ Half Century of Diaspora “ for the Director Mohammad El Swalmeh. The Festival will also show a number of Palestinian films that were produced during the Israeli incursion of the West Bank cities in March 28,2002.

Through this manifestation, Al Kasaba Theatre and Cinematheque would like to thank all the consulates, representative offices and European Cultural Centers that contributed to the achievement of this Festival. We would like to specifically thank the Turkish Consulate for their cooperation and Europa Cinemas for their constant support for Al Kasaba.

Last but not Least .. We would like to stress here the importance of sustaining the cultural and artistic life in Palestine in spite of the hardships the Palestinian people are currently living through, following the words of the cherished late Palestinian poet Hussein Bargouthi “ Hope is Power “…..

Last Resort – UK
Directed by: Paul PAvilovsky

Inch'allah Dimanche – France
Directed by: Yamina Benguigui

From the Snow – Greece
Directed by: Sotiris Goritsas

Martin (Hache)
Directed by: Adolfo Arisarian

The Lost House – Palestine
Directed by: Wafa' Jameel

The April Children – Germany
Directed by: Yuksel Yavuz

Indera's Diary – Austria
Directed by: Eduard Erne

Brothers and Sisters – Germany
Directed by: Thomas Arslan

ID Swiss – Switzerland
Directed by: Kamal Musale, Wageh George, Fulvio Bernasconi, Christian Davi, Nadia Fares, Stina Werenfels, Thomas Thum

Pieces D'ldentites – Belgium
Directed by: Mweze Ngangura

Born without Skis – Norway
Directed by: Nour Eddine Lakhmari

The Polish Bride – Netherlands
Directed by: Karim Traidia

The Wedding – Norway
Directed by: Leidulv Risan

Half Century of Diaspora – Palestine
Directed by: Mohamad El-Sawalmeh


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