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AL-KASABA Theatre and Cinematheque-Cinderella 2006

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Cinderella 2006

This generation inherited international story which our mothers and fathers intuitively narrated and was performed shown on different stages, cinemas and TVs that it became the favourite for the children and adults all around the year and for ages.

Then, the questions remain why choosing this story as the topic of our play? And what's new that we can offer to our Palestinian audience?

Has ever anybody thought that this Cinderella the beautiful butterfly and delicate young could be handicapped and sitting on a wheel chair since her tender age? Nevertheless, the princes love her and marry her and then she becomes the princes of the country?

Yes, we though about that and we rewrote the play and will be performing it on our stages at Al-Kasaba to show solidarity to all handicapped friends and beloved ones.


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