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AL-KASABA Theatre and Cinematheque-Israeli Image in the Palestinian Cinema – 2005

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Israeli Image in the Palestinian Cinema – 2005

Supported by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

During the previous year Alkasaba Theatre and Cinematheque had organized a festival entitled “ The Palestinian image in the Israeli Cinema “. Through this festival the audiences were able to be introduced to an important group of Israeli film produced between 1911-2003. In addition Alkasaba had organized five lectures about the Arabic image in the Israeli syllabus, the Palestinian in the Israeli picture, searching for the Palestinian image in the Zionist Cinema, how the Israeli cinema ignored the Palestinian exist and contributes in promoting for Zionist policy, the Israeli cultural speech, and developing the Palestinian personality in the Israeli feature Cinema.

The festival was a big success in return to the audience’s opinions they express their admirations and a suggestion was put from Mr. George Khalifa to organize another festival this year entitled “ the Israeli image in the Palestinian cinema”, today we are going to screen a group of a Palestinian films that were produced between 1968-2005 in order to recognize the Israeli image in our films and how directors introduced it .

Besides we would like all of you to join our discussions in order to exchange point of views. Finally we would like to thank all those who participated in making this festival a success especially Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and directors of the films.

Zionist Aggression
Group work organized by: Mustafa Abu Ali

Scenes of the Occupied in Gaza
Directed by: Mustafa Abu Ali

They Don't Exist
Directed by: Mustafa Abu Ali

A land of Barbed Wire
Directd by:Kais Al-Zubaidi

Return to Haifa
Directed by: Kassem Hawal

Wedding in Galilee
Directed by: Michel Khleifi

Children of Stones
Directed by: George Khleifi

Directed by:Rashid Mashharawi

Children of Fire
Directed by: Mai Masri

Homage by Assassination
Directed by: Elia Suliman

Forbidden Marriage
Directed by: Michel Khleifi

Chronicle of Disapperance
Directed by: Elia Suliman

Near to Death
Directed by: Abdel Salam Shehadeh

Children of Shatila
Directed by: Mai Masri

Behind the Walls
Directed by: Rashid Mashharawi

Like Twenty Impossible
Directed by: Annmarie Jacir
Waiting Salah El Dein
Directed by: Tawfic Abu Wael

In the Spider's Web
Directed by: Hanna Musleh

3 cm Less
Directed by: Aza El-Hasan

Arna's Children
Directed by: Juliano Mer Khamis

Paradise Now
Directed by: Hani Abu Asad

Directed by: Sobhi Al-Zobaidi


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