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AL-KASABA Theatre and Cinematheque- The Adventures of Khadra 2003

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The Adventures of Khadra 2003

“The Adventures of Khadra” is a puppet play produced by Al Kasaba 2003 and funded by Maram Project, the play handles the problem of “Anemia” in the Palestinian society especially among children and concentrates on the side effects of anemia in a very interesting way; furthermore, it shows the right ways to avoid Anemia in addition to the good nutrition habits and other good habits.

The Adventures of Khadra, a children's musical created by Al-Kasaba Theatre in Ramallah, turns vegetables and fruits into entertaining characters. The main character, Khadra, is a cucumber. Her home is a village in a mythical kingdom that looks pastoral but suffers from a shortage of water, causing frequent battles between the tribes of the vegetables and fruits. Young and idealistic, Khadra is determined to return harmony and balance to the kingdom, and so sets off on her mission - disguised as a banana.

Written by: Kamel el Basha
Directed by: George Ibrahim
Starring: Husam Abu Eisheh, Dorin Munir, Rajai Sanduka
Music: Jameel Al Sayih, Reem Talhami, George Ibrahim, Dorin Munir, Husam Abu Eisheh
Light: Muaz Al-Jubah


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